The Organic World Congress (OWC) 2020 is organized by the OWC Rennes 2020 Consortium, in partnership with IFOAM – Organics International. It is managed by a 4-person steering committee.

Consortium Partnership:

The OWC Rennes 2020 Consortium is headed by a local host, ITAB, and backed by 11 members. Consortium partners meet via committee to decide strategic congress issues and make budget decisions.

IFOAM - Organics International: Founded in 1972, IFOAM – Organics International is the only global organic umbrella organization, uniting diverse range of stakeholders contributing to the organic vision.

ITAB: ITAB is a technical institute specializing in the development of organic farming. ITAB brings together experts from the field and research sectors to expand technical knowledge of organic farming methods. ITAB has a strong background in event management, having organized more than 50 scientific and technical events over 20 years.

ABioDoc: ABioDoc is the national center for organic farming resources and a department of VetAgro Sup, which manages the only French-language document database specialized in organic farming (Biobase).

Agence Bio: Created in 2001, Agence Bio is a national platform action and contributes to the development, promotion and structure of organic farming in France.

Ecocert: France’s leading certification agency, Ecocert specialized in organic farming. Ecocert has contributed to the growth of organic agriculture by helping to draft the French and European regulations.

FNAB (National Organic Farming Federation): FNAB has been France’s only professional farming network specialized in organic agriculture since 1978. Operating as a local skills networks, FNAB comprises a national federation as well as regional and departmental groups across the country.

GRAB (Organic Farming Research Group): GRAB is a center for testing and expertise recognized at national and European level. GRAB carries out organic trials for and with farmers in southeastern France.

IBB (Initiative Bio Bretagne): IBB is a network of businesses and stakeholders involved in organic farming across Brittany. IBB develops and promotes organic farming and the food processing sector, supporting and boosting its growth while coordinating regional research and innovation.

MABD (biodynamic farming movement): MABD is the federation for regional, national, and French-speaking organizations involved in biodynamic agriculture.

Nature et Progrès: Founded in 1964, Nature et Progrès brings together civilians and professional members that have received its endorsement to promote and develop organic farming. It advocates for Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS).

SYNABIO: SYNABIO is a French network that brings together over 160 companies from the specialist organic processing and distribution sector.

Implementing Partners (Co-Organizers):

Seven additional institutions have committed to supporting the consortium with preparation and implementation of the OWC 2020. Known as implementing partners, these co-organizers will receive increased visibility and recognition at the OWC. Implementing partners contribute to OWC planning through several avenues, ranging from programming and logistics to event organization and advocacy. The following list of implementing partners is tentative, all co-organizers have yet to be finalized.

Destination Rennes – Event Organization: Destination Rennes aims to make the greater Rennes area more attractive to the urban tourism and conference markets. Destination Rennes also runs the Le Couvent des Jacobins Conference Center and provides logistics support, like assistance for the organizing committee, an interface with local institutional stakeholders, a list of verified service providers, and more.

INRA Researchers – Science Forum: INRA is the French national institute for agricultural research and second largest institution in the world for the number of publications it produces on agricultural, plant, and animal sciences.

ISOFAR - Science Forum:ISOFAR serves to promote and support research in all areas of organic agriculture, as defined by the global consensus of organic agriculture movements and documented in the IFOAM Basic Standards for Organic Production and Processing.

TIPI Science Forum: TIPI, the Technology Innovation Platform of IFOAM - Organics International, is a sector platform of the latter.

OFIA - The Innovation Award: Every three years at the Organic World Congress (OWC), IFOAM - Organics International, the Rural Development Administration (RDA) of the Republic of Korea, and the IFOAM Technology Innovation Platform (TIPI) award outstanding organic innovators with the Organic Farming Innovation Award (OFIA). The overall goal of OFIA is to contribute to solving problems and exploring potentials in order to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity of organic farming, improve viability for environment, plants, animals and human beings.

IFOAM - Organics International - The Leadership Forum: Founded in 1972, IFOAM - Organics International is the only global umbrella organization, uniting diverse range of stakeholders contributing to the organic vision.

INOFO - The Farmers Forum: INOFO is an autonomous self-organized structure within IFOAM - Organics International. INOFO facilitates relationships between organic farmers, which allows them to consult, cooperate and, eventually, to speak with a legitimate common voice on matters of common concern.

Side Event Organizers: The OWC 2020 will offer several side events, including half, full, or multi-day pre-conference events, pre- and post-congress excursions, tours, and city events. Interested parties may apply to be side event organizers. If selected as a side event organizer, applicants will be recognized on the OWC website and publications. Side event organizers are responsible for organizing their own event logistics and finances. Approved side event organizers are also eligible to brand their events as official OWC side, pre-, or post-conference events.