Rennes, Capital of Brittany

Rennes is a large city. The region supports an array of initiatives advocating for good quality food and a new agricultural model. The city is firmly committed to biodiversity and was named French Capital of Biodiversity in 2016.

From the wider angle of local food governance, Rennes works with several other urban communities to devise strategies that connect agriculture with the local food chain, most notably within the framework of the Milan Food Policy Pact, signed in 2017, and the implementation of its Sustainable Food Plan. These programs stimulate cross-cutting approaches that take on board various aspects of public policy (nutrition, employment, social inclusion, health, education, urbanism, etc.).

Rennes supports the 'Positive Food Family Challenge', and an original local development project encompassing environmental protection, agriculture and tourism in the Vilaine valley. This organic and small-scale farming project aims to return a 450-hectare area of green belt, currently used for different purposes, to its original function of feeding the local people.

A Venue in the Heart of the City:
The Couvent des Jacobins

This congress centre is like no other in Europe: It is located in a 14th century building, steeped in seven centuries of history. It is a modern, smartly designed building, fusing past and present:

  • Fully accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
  • 1 large auditorium seating up to 1.200 people
  • 1 single-level hall covering 600 m²
  • 1.400-seat auditorium inside the convent’s former church
  • 4.000 m2 of modular space to house the exhibition (including posters) and catering services
  • 25 fully-equipped committee rooms
  • Room for 1.500 people for sit-down meals
  • Room for 3.000 people for cocktail events
  • Total capacity for 6.000 people

The congress centre can be reached on foot (or via public transport) from all hotels in the city and from the station, which is just 90 minutes from Paris. Another hall, with a seating capacity of 3.200 people is available in the city centre for the event’s opening sessions.

Venue Information

Couvent des Jacobins
20 place Sainte-Anne
35000 Rennes