Official Partner Platinum

Sojade, a 100% organic brand at Triballat Noyal: Committed for more than 40 years in Organic, Triballat-Noyal has created SOJADE: all the benefits of plant-based organic products in a large range of creative recipes, from soya, rice, hemp, sarrazin or oat. Choosing Sojade, means to make the choice to support a family company. This company has created a sustainable collaboration with organic producers to ensure its consumers of the naturalness of its products. Available exclusively in Organic stores. www.sojade.fr


Lea Nature, a company with an environmental mission: Léa Nature, created in 1993 by Charles Kloboukoff, based closed to La Rochelle, France, is a French independent and family manufacturer of organic and natural products, in food, health, dietetics, hygiene / beauty and home care. It has 16 organic production sites in France. Its CSR policy is evaluated by ECOCERT 26000 at the Excellence level at the head office. Committed to the planet, its organic brands have joined the 1% for the planet collective since 2007 and Léa Nature has just become a mission company since October 2019. www.leanature.com

Official Partner Gold


Keramis, organic ingredients and raw materials since 1991: For almost 30 years, Keramis have been engaged in the import of organic raw materials, the production of innovative organic ingredients and the distribution of this ingredients to 1,500 clients in France and in Europe. They work as bakers, pastry chefs, chocolate makers, ice-cream makers, muesli manufacturers, biscuit and chocolate producers and many other processing trades such as soap makers. The Keramis company contributes to the success of the World Congress of Bio 2020 by mobilizing its resources!


UFAB, French leader in organic farming: The Union Française d'Agriculture Biologique (UFAB) is the historical partner of organic farms in France. A subsidiary of the Le Gouessant group, it supports organic farmers in their agronomic itineraries and collects their cereals and oil-protein crops. Some of these raw materials are placed on the market as they are or processed to be sold to the food industry. UFAB is also the leader in organic animal nutrition in France and supports livestock farmers in their daily lives. www.ufab-bio.fr

Official Partner Silver

Bingenheimer Saatgut: Bingenheimer Saatgut is a seed company which offers exclusively organic seeds for vegetables, herbs, flowers as well as green manure. All varieties are open pollinated with an increasing number developed biodynamically or in organic breeding. BSAG is part of a network of seed producers and breeders, and member of IFOAM - Organics International.

Naturland: Naturland is one of the major international associations for organic agriculture and promotes organic farming worldwide. Currently more than 70,000 farmers, bee-keepers, fish farmers and fishers in 57 countries manage some 480,000 hectares according to the Naturland standards. Naturland certification standards do not only cover plant and animal production. They also include bee-keeping, aquaculture, sustainable capture fishery, food processing as well as non-food areas like forest management, cosmetics and textiles. Standards on Social Responsibility are an integral part of the Naturland certification. With its supplementary certification Naturland Fair, Naturland combines organic and fair trade under one logo which is applied to products from both the north and the south.

PODER: For more than 30 years, Poder has led in distributing organic fruit and vegetables. Initiator of a thriving network between producers and consumers along with the cooperative BioBreizh and Douar Den, Poder is now committed to the development of non-modified organic seed growing. As an organic fruit and vegetable distributor, Poder leads the producers into forecast planning, selling and supply chain developing in order to guarantee a smooth product flow and optimum valuation of their goods. Situated, in the famous vegetable production area of Northern Brittany, Poder is a major pioneer in organics and has remained independent since the beginning. It was created by Jean-Luc Poder in 1990 who still runs the company today.

Strategic Partners:

Partners of the Organic World Congress 2021 have been working on our side since the candidacy of France to organizing the World Congress, back in New Delhi in 2017

ABioDoc: ABioDoc is the National Center for Organic Farming Resources and a department of VetAgro Sup, which manages the only French-language organic farming database (Biobase).

BIOMAS: BIOMAS prepares a wide range of original organic vegetable for the local and the national markets. BIOMAS group includes organized producers. Their farms, family sized, are situated on the north coast of Brittany and benefit from the oceanic climate. Our farmers are proud of their region and soil and try to protect them by practicing environment friendly Farming.

IFOAM France: French representatives and delegates of the International Federation IFOAM - Organics International.

INRA Researchers - Science Forum: INRA is the French National Institute for Agricultural Research and the second largest institution in the world in terms of the number of publications it produces on agricultural, plant, and animal sciences.

Natexpo: Natexpo, the international trade show for organic products, is the event that is shaping the future of organic, organized by and for all the stakeholders in the organic market. For nearly 30 years, it has been a major event for all market players bringing together producers, manufacturers, processors, distributors and specialists in the sector at the national and international level.

BIOFACH: BIOFACH, the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food. Since 1990, the organic trade sector has met in February each year, at the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg, Germany. BIOFACH is the place where people share their passionate interest in organic food, get to know each other and exchange views.