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Agence Bio 2020 Barometer: What Are the Key Figures for Organic Farming in 2021?

Just a couple of weeks until the Organic World Congress kicks off!

Numbers from the Agence BIO Barometer

Each year, the Agence BIO (public interest group in charge of the development
and structuring of French organic agriculture) publishes its barometer. Published in July 2021, the latest report deals with the figures for organic farming in France and Europe.

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Some Numbers from the Agence BIO Barometer

In France

In 2020, the organic market passed the 13 billion euro mark, with more than 12% of French farmers working in organic farming.

The health context has placed health issues at the forefront of French consumers' food expectations: the trend towards healthy, sustainable, local and seasonal consumption is more relevant than ever.

1. 57% of French people say they buy more fresh and seasonal products
2. 59% of French people prefer local products and short circuits

In Europe

In 2019, consumers in the European Union spent 45.2 billion euros on organic products. According to the Agence BIO, this figure will exceed €48 billion in 2020.

In 10 years, the European organic market has more than doubled.

In 2019, Germany and France alone will account for more than 53% of the EU organic market.

The European Union provides for a conversion aid budget of 340 billion euros under the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) to encourage farmers to go into organic production.

And beyond?

In 2020, the US organic market (food and non-food) reached $61.9 billion (€50.44 billion): a record!

Find the entire Agence BIO 2021 Barometer on www.agencebio.org

OWC Programme: Symposium "The Role of Organic Pioneers in Biodiversity Conservation

See you Thursday 9 September, 12:30 - 13:30 CEST, at the Congress Centre in Rennes, France, for a round table accessible to the public and broadcast live on the event platform. In the presence of our partners Ecotone, Biocoop, Sojade (Triballat Noyal group) and Léa Nature.
A symposium moderated by Michel Reynaud (Ecocert).

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Keynote Speaker Highlight

Rasmus Prehn is a Danish politician from the Social Democratic Party. He has been a member of the Danish Parliament since 2005. Rasmus Prehn was appointed Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries on 19 November 2020. From 2019 to 2020 he was Minister for Development Cooperation. Rasmus Prehn was born in 1973 and is married to Heidi.

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