Pre-Conference | 7 September 2021

4 - Policies Driving Sustainable Food Systems

Main Topics:
  • Applying the concept of true cost accounting in policy making
  • Using the power of public contracts
  • Developing organic and agroecological action plans
  • Building a Community of Practice and linking it with related networks
  • Increasing awareness of strong connections between sustainability and ethical values of organic food systems
  • Advance the development of policies driving sustainability in agriculture and food systems
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer exchange among local and national-level policymakers and experts on best practices and experiences
  • Offer an in-person meeting for a growing Community of Practice of policymakers dedicated to sustainable agriculture
  • Utilize participant experience to provide strong examples and connect to networks in Asia and Africa:
    • ALGOA (Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture),
    • Ecological Organic Africa Initiative (implemented by Biovision Africa Trust)
Expected Outcomes:
  • Insight on success factors and challenges in developing policies conducive for driving sustainable change
  • Add-ons to compilations of best policy practices and examples
  • Establishment of a Community of Practice for policymakers dedicated to further developing sustainable policies
  • Insights that can feed into future sustainable agriculture publications
  • Best practices and examples that can feed into the FAO AgroecologyLex Database
  • Springboard for future Community of Practice events
  • Presentation of pre-conference outcomes at main conference (leadership forum)
  • Workshop with presentations and direct exchange
  • Fishbowl discussions
  • World Café and marketplace
  • Poster presentations
Key Info

7 September 2021

Registration Fee: €38

Join our Policy Day by attending both this pre-conference and: The Future of Organic Farming and Agroecology in Europe for a combined rate of €100.

Charlotte Pavageau
Biovision Switzerland

Breakout session participants may discuss un other languages, if needed

Target Audiences:
Policymakers at the local and national levels
Policy experts and champions for sustainable and food systems

This pre-conference is open to participants from around the world. Strong participation from Africa, Asia, and Europe is expected.

Steering Committee:
Charlotte Pavageau, Biovision Switzerland
Gabor Figeczky, IFOAM - Organics International
Federica Varini, IFOAM - Organics International
Emma Siliprandi, FAO Agroecology Initiative
Jennifer Chang, ALGOA Korea
David Amudavi, Biovision Africa Trust Kenya