Pre-Conference | 6 - 7 September 2021

5 - Seed Ambassadors: Building an International Network to Advance Organic Seed Systems

Join farmers, breeders, seed activists, students, NGOs and community seed networks to celebrate the diversity of culture, food, seeds and methodologies!

Main Topics:
  • Celebrating culinary diversity and exploring the potential to breed for taste and flavor
  • Plant breeding methods, approaches, and models for supporting the transition to truly sustainable food systems
  • Participatory plant breeding and seeds as commons as tools to integrate biodiversity in society
  • Supporting the growth and success of the next generation of organic plant breeders and seed ambassadors
  • Innovating a systems approach for organic plant breeding to reflect IFOAM principles, addressing the needs of people and planet
  • Raise awareness on the importance of organic seed and plant breeding;
  • Engage young seed ambassadors and seed pioneers, build relationships and broaden international representation within the organic seed community;
  • Stimulate knowledge exchange and provide a think tank for innovating organic seed and breeding systems in line with IFOAM principles;
  • Broaden international representation within the organic seed community;
  • Revitalize and diversify IFOAM organic seed working groups;
  • Celebrate and share diversity of culture, food, seed, and methodologies;
Expected Outcomes:
  • Ensure an international network of culturally diverse organic seed actors across continents
  • Achieve a paradigm shift towards holistic and systems-based breeding as an alternative to the present seed monopoly
  • Recruit organic seed experts as facilitators for working groups under the umbrella of the IFOAM SEEDS Platform and for participation in ad hoc Seed working groups of the IFOAM Board
  • Establish a roadmap of prioritized actions for the next 3-5 years and develop a plan for the maintenance of the IFOAM SEEDS Platform
  • Develop a declaration and communication strategy for boosting organic seed and plant breeding.

Monday, September 6, 2021 (on-site in Rennes, France)
  • Field tour to INRAE/ITAB demonstration fields in La prévalaye and to the farm of La Lesnelay + tasting co-organised by Chav’Amap (local CSA) near Rennes. Using carrot and buckwheat, we will explore on-farm seed stewardship, plant breeding and culinary evaluation methodologies including first-hand degustation. A video of the field tour will be provided for online participants.
  • Workshop on systems-based plant breeding and the implementation of regulation on organic breeding
  • Apéro to celebrate the 20th anniversary of ECO-PB
Tuesday, September 7, 2021 (on-site in Rennes and online)

Through interactive and participatory workshops taking place both in Rennes, France and online, we will explore four macro-areas:

  • 1: Advocacy, seed policy, seed legislation
  • 2: Knowledge, practices, experiences
  • 3: Networking and awareness-raising
  • 4: Next generation of organic plant breeders and seed ambassadors

Key Info

6th September 2021
08.00 - 19.30 - Farm Visit

7 September 2021
09.00 - 17.30 Sessions/Conference

Hybrid - Online and on-site in Rennes, France

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Online reg fee:40€ incl. VAT
On-site reg fee: 100€ incl. VAT

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Kaja Gutzen

English with translation services in Spanish and French
Additional translation services may be available for up to 10 participants

Target Audiences:
International actors working in organic seed and plant breeding, such as:
Public and Private breeders
Community seed networks
Seed activists
Young breeders and students