In the days leading up to the Organic World Congress, delegates have the opportunity to engage in topic-specific pre-conferences.

Pre-Conferences are:

  • One- or two-day events taking place from September 6-7, 2021, before the Organic World Congress’s main conferences (8-10 Sep 2021), in Rennes, France.
  • Proposed and organised by an organic stakeholder, by contracting with the OWC Organisers.
  • Dealing with a topic relevant for the organic sector and in line with the congress’ objectives and themes, complementing the various OWC forums.
  • Addressing stakeholders from all over the world and not a country or a region only.


Symposium on Biodynamic Research – the Farm Organism as a Holistic Approach?

6 - 7 September 2021

Organic Animal Husbandry Systems – Their Performances, Potential, Possibilities and Challenges

7 September 2020

“Publish or Perish” – Intensifying and Qualifying Scientific Publication of Organic Agriculture Research

6 - 7 September 2021

Seed Ambassadors: Building an International Network to Advance Organic Seed Systems

7 September 2021

Improving Transparency Along the Supply Chain and the Relevance of Organic Farming Statistics

6 September 2021

30 Years of PGS Development: a Root and Branch Appraisal

7 September 2021

Policies Driving Sustainable Food Systems