Organic In Taiwan

Discover the Flourishing Landscape of Organic Agriculture in Taiwan

Embark on a journey through the vibrant world of organic agriculture in Taiwan, where sustainable farming practices are deeply rooted in tradition and innovation.

According to the latest findings from The World of Organic Agriculture Statistics and Emerging Trends 2023, Taiwan boasts an impressive land area dedicated to organic agriculture and eco-friendly farming, totaling 17,000 hectares. This represents approximately 2.14% of the country’s total cultivated area, highlighting Taiwan’s significant commitment to organic practices.

Taiwan’s organic agriculture sector is diverse and dynamic, with a focus on producing high-quality organic products. Four main agricultural products lead the organic movement in Taiwan: rice, tea, pineapple, and oil.

Each of these products is cultivated with meticulous care and dedication, embodying the essence of organic farming principles.

Rice, a staple food in Taiwanese cuisine, is cultivated using sustainable methods that prioritize soil health and biodiversity.

Taiwan’s renowned tea industry also thrives on organic cultivation practices, producing exquisite teas cherished for their exceptional flavor and aroma.

Additionally, organic pineapple and oil production contribute to the rich tapestry of organic agriculture in Taiwan, such as pineapple cake, offering consumers a wide range of healthy and sustainable choices.

As Taiwan continues to embrace organic agriculture, it serves as a beacon of inspiration for sustainable farming practices worldwide.

Join us in celebrating the success and growth of Taiwan’s organic agriculture sector at the Organic World Congress 2024, where we will explore innovative solutions and forge new connections to shape the future of organic farming.


The videos below are the introduction for the four main organic agricultural products in Taiwan:

Organic Rice

Organic Tea

Organic Pineapple

Organic Oil